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Tax Services

Are your personal or corporate taxes leaving you feeling lost or fearful about completing your tax returns? Oak Haven CPAs are here to help, with practical services that meet your needs and guard you against the penalties that come with filing taxes incorrectly.

Individual Tax Returns

Tax laws are ever changing, and can be confusing and hard to navigate. Having a professional you can trust in your corner can help you avoid mistakes on your taxes and get the full extent of the return that you are entitled to. Hire an expert Oak Haven CPA to help you file your personal tax returns, and take the stress out of tax season.

Need help with the IRS? Don’t go it alone. We can help you take care of IRS audits and give you your peace of mind back.

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LLC Tax Returns

With over 20 years in the business sector, Oak Haven CPAs have the essential experience and knowledge you need for effective entity set up and tax returns for your LLC. We’ll help you determine the best path to completing your taxes and ensure that they’re done with 100% accuracy. We’ll monitor changing tax laws throughout the year so that you can focus on the success of your business. Our team of professionals will be available to you to provide you with assistance whenever you need it, so that you can be better prepared to file your tax returns on time and with as little stress as possible.

Corporate Returns and Payroll Quarterly Filings

We offer a variety of helpful services for keeping you on top of your corporate taxes throughout the year. We provide corporate structuring consulting, help registering for the state, and help applying for your tax ID numbers. We take care of your accounting practices by offering bookkeeping and sales tax return services.

Quarterly payroll filings can be incredibly confusing, and penalties for incorrect, late, or insufficient filings can be harsh. Let us keep track of your quarterly filings for you, and ensure that they are done accurately so that you can avoid these penalties.